2019 Contraceptive Education & Training Conference Presentations

All slides and accompanying resources from our 2019 Contraceptive Education and Training Conference can be found on this webpage. Additionally, all presentations (with the exception of the Session 2 IUD training, Session 4 Nexplanon Training, and Session 4 Ask the Experts Panel) were recorded and available below.

Session 1:

Download Welcome Presentation Slides

Download Keynote Speaker: Dr. Maria Rodriguez Slides


Session 2:

Download Provider IUD Training Slides

Download Dr. Michael Policar: Contraceptive Methods Overview Slides

Download Erica Torres: Addressing Client Concerns & Reproductive Justice Slides

Download Caitlin Stearns: LARC Procedure Set-Up Slides

Session 3:

Download Patty Cason: Patient-Centered Contraceptive Counseling Slides

Session 4:

Download Dr. Michael Policar Coding for LARC Services Slides

Download Ask the LARC Experts Slides

Download Forecasting & Billing with Amanda Kimber Slides


LARC Forecasting

Intrauterine Devices & Implants: A Guide to Reimbursement

LARC Insertion & Removal Resources

IUD Insertion Cheat Sheets

LARC Procedure Set-Up

LARC Procedure Set-Up Diagrams

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