Contraceptive Education Series


Due to the COVID pandemic, we decided to postpone our 2020 Contraceptive Education and Training Conference. However, we created online technical offerings that were released monthly. CME credit was offered for the live sessions, but all sessions were recorded for public viewing. We hope that you find these presentations valuable and informative!

We launched the Contraceptive Education Series in June 2020 with an overview of barrier contraceptive methods. If you are interested in attending a Contraceptive Education Series live webinar, visit our events page.


Episode 1: Barrier Contraceptive Options: An Update on Patient Controlled Options

Download Barrier Contraceptive Methods Slides


Episode 2: Adolescents & Contraception: Helping Teens Find Their Method

Download Adolescents & Contraception Slides

Episode 3: An Update on Emergency Contraception for the Pandemic and Beyond

Download Emergency Contraception Slides

Episode 4: An Overview of Knowledge-Based Contraceptive Methods

Download Knowledge-Based Methods Slides

Episode 5: Fertility Apps: Concerns & Opportunities

Download Fertility Apps Slides


Episode 6: QuickStart – Now is Better

Download QuickStart Slides


Episode 7: Reproductive Coercion: Preventable, Pervasive, Readily Prioritized

Download Reproductive Coercion Slides

Episode 8: Prepping for PrEP: Improving Access, Counseling, and Support for your Clients

Download PrEP Slides


Episode 9: Reproductive Health and Contraceptive Care Among Clients Experiencing Homelessness

Download Contraceptive Care Among Clients Experiencing Homelessness Slides


Episode 10: Meet Them Where They Are: Family Planning and Opioid Use Disorder

Download Family Planning and Opioid Use Disorder Slides 


Episode 11: Utah’s Premarital Exam: A Political and Cultural Perspective

Download Utah’s Premarital Exam Slides


Episode 12: A Primary Care Approach to Infertility

Download Primary Care Approach to Infertility Slides


Episode 13: Vasectomy: The Other, Better Method of Permanent Contraception

Download Vasectomy Webinar Slides

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