Contraceptive Access in Utah During COVID-19

The current coronavirus pandemic is creating a challenging environment for health systems across the country. As clinics and providers prepare to support those infected with the virus, they are being forced to make tough decisions around patient care. As part of this process, many clinics are postponing, rescheduling, or canceling all non-essential health services to ensure there is enough time, space, equipment, and staffing to meet anticipated urgent care needs.

At Family Planning Elevated, we’re working directly with community health centers, pharmacies, and policymakers to ensure Utahns can access contraceptive care in their communities. We are committed to doing our best to support all health systems as they brace for the impact of this disease on our communities in Utah. We believe that ensuring people in the state continue to have access to contraception is one of the most important ways we can best support the health system and our communities, both now and in the long-term.

Below, you will find resources for patients and providers surrounding Contraceptive Access in Utah during COVID-19.

For more information, email Family Planning Elevated ( or text or call us at (801) 839-5356. Visit for the latest updates on the coronavirus in Utah.

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