Introducing the Pleasure Pack Delivery Service

Family Planning Elevated is excited to announce the launch of one of our first student directed programs… The Pleasure Pack Delivery Service! Our collegiate chapter of the Campus Contraceptive Initiative in partnership with The Center for Student Wellness are making safer sex more accessible and pleasurable at the University of Utah. The Pleasure Pack Delivery Service (aka PPDS) is a discreet pick-up and delivery service for safer sex supplies at the University of Utah.

The program strives to increase access to safer sex supplies and increase sexual and reproductive health knowledge. We believe that all students (and individuals!) should have easy access to barrier methods.

Condoms and oral dams are two kinds of barrier methods that when used correctly, are an easy way to have pleasurable sex with less stress about pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


Why was this program created?

University of Utah students, like many young adults do not regularly use condoms. In a recent survey, 56% of students reported they did not use a condom the last time they engaged in vaginal intercourse (NCHA, 2019).


In 2018, Campus Contraceptive Initiative (CCI) completed an assessment to learn more about students’ sexual behaviors and attitudes. It revealed that 61% of sexually active students would use barrier methods (like condoms and oral dams) if they were available for free. The assessment also identified many obstacles to accessing barrier methods. These barriers were: money, time, stigma, embarrassment, and availability. This data led CCI to create the PPDS program. 

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates have increased dramatically over the last 4 years (UDOH, 2019). Barrier methods are the only type of contraception that can prevent the spread of STIs. To lessen the risk of transmission among students, it is important to increase access to safer sex supplies, testing services, and information about sexual health. PPDS allows for increased access to these supplies for free.


How does it work?

Students place their customized order online. Orders placed each Monday by midnight are fulfilled and ready for delivery or pickup by each Wednesday afternoon.


What is in a pack? 

Students have the option to customize their packs. Each pack comes with 10 barrier methods (external condoms, internal condoms, or oral dams) and personal lubricant. Students can choose up to two different types of barriers. For example, a student can order 5 external condoms and 5 oral dams, or 10 of one type.


Each pack comes with a detailed brochure that includes information on STI testing, PrEP (HIV prevention medication), local resources, and consent. 


The packs are highly customizable to each student depending on the type of sexual activity in which they are engaging. This ensures that all students can practice safer sex. 


Why “pleasure”? 

Encouraging students to talk about pleasure while engaging is safer sex creates an opportunity for them to communicate more openly about what they want and what they don’t want. It allows room for a more honest conversation around consent, which ultimately encourages healthier and safer relationships at the University of Utah!


Early success for PPDS!

In its initial 4 weeks, PPDS has received over 250 orders. Each pack comes with 10 barrier methods, which means that over 2,500 safer sex supplies have been distributed across campus since the launch of PPDS. 


To put that into perspective, CSW distributed roughly the same amount (2500) over the entire Spring 2019 semester. Through PPDS, CSW expects to quadruple this amount by the end of the academic year, for a projected distribution of 10,000 safer sex supplies over the pilot Spring 2020 semester.


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