Our Goal

FPE is committed to transparently sharing both the process and results of our program with you. We are dedicated to:
  • Ensuring that the way we collect data and conduct research/evaluation is transparent and follows best practices;
  • Minimizing the data burden on clinics and clients, while maximizing the output of the data we collect;
  • Sharing our findings back with the people and communities who provided data.
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Research & Evaluations


FPE collects client exit surveys to understand how clients are experiencing contraceptive service provision.


FPE collects monthly service delivery data to assess how contraceptive services are being provided and accessed throughout the intervention.


FPE is assessing how our media campaign links Utahns to contraceptive information and services.


FPE informs local and state family planning policies through research and evaluation.


An evaluation of how an intervention is implemented in various settings, how participants react to and interact with an intervention, and the context in which an intervention occurs is crucial to a robust understanding of the success or failure of complex interventions. This type of evaluation—called a process evaluation—allows researchers and implementers to identify key mechanisms for the success or failure of their intervention, and allows those outside the project to determine if a similar intervention might be successful in their setting.

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